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Department for Supervision of Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Gospromnadzor) is a subdivision of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (MES) with the rights of a legal entity, carrying out specific functions in the field of industrial safety, safe transportation of dangerous goods.

220108, Minsk, Kazintsa Street, 86/1
Tel. (8-017) 398-33-06
Tel/Fax. (8-017) 398-33-17,
Duty officer (8-017) 212-73-67,

Working hours:
Monday – Thursday 9.00– 18.00, Friday–9.00 –16.45, Lunch 13.00 – 13.45.

MES Address:
220030, Minsk, Revolutsionnya Street, 5
Tel. (8-017) 328-51-70, (8-017) 203-99-91
Tel/fax (8-017)203-77-81

The main Gospromnador`s objectives are:

  • statesupervisioninthefieldofindustrialsafety, safetransportationofdangerousgoods;
  • monitoring the implementation of legislation in the field of industrial safety, safe transportation of dangerous goods;
  • prevention of industrial accidents and injuries in the organizations operating hazardous production facilities and the transportation of dangerous goods, other potentially dangerous objects.

The Department carries out the state supervision of:

  • objects with chemical, physico-chemical and physical processes that may cause the formation of explosive atmospheres (mixtures of gases, vapors, dust with air and other oxidants), ammonia refrigeration and chlorination facilities, storage of hazardous chemicals within these industries;
  • metallurgical (steelmaking, foundry, pipe, rolling) production;
  • equipment and gas supply systems, main gas, oil and oil product pipelines, underground gas storages;
  • mining operations, including those held for purposes not related to extraction of minerals, underground and hydrotechnical structures, drilling, geophysical works, extraction of solid, liquid and gaseous minerals;
  • underground and hydraulic engineering installations;
  • lifting facilities, attractions, steam and hot water boilers, vessels, working under pressure, steam and hot water pipelines;
  • transportation of dangerous goods by rail, road, air and inland waterway transport;
  • geological-surveying support for prospecting, exploration and development of mineral deposits, the use of subsoil for purposes not connected with extraction of mineral resources, including the construction of subways and tunnels for various purposes;
  • works on objects implementing the disposal of ammunition;
  • industrial explosive materials and pyrotechnic products, their development, manufacture, processing, use and implementation, including explosives, resulting from the disposal of ammunition;
  • projection (construction),manufacture and operation of technical devices used in potentially dangerous objects;
  • construction progress of potentially dangerous objects.

For all your questions, please contact the international cooperation division of Gospromnadzor by phone: +375172122114, +375172989568.



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